Total Solar Eclipse - Aug 21 2017
Casper, WY
Dist: ~1 AU
Total Solar Eclipse
Total Image Frames 12
Total Image Time 0.15 sec
Frames Exposure Date
12 1/80 sec 21-Aug-2017
Imaging Location Evansville Sleep Inn, Casper, WY
Imaging Instrument 70mm Refractor at prime focus
Focal Length 420 mm
Focal Ratio 6.0
Imaging Camera Nikon D7000
Image Processing PixInsight
Other Image Sizes
Full Resolution Image (2500x2500)
Medium Image (900x900)
Small Image (600x600)
Small Movie (1.2 MB)
Large Movie (7.7 MB)

Imaging Notes
The movies cover the entire eclipse event starting about 5 minutes before it begins and ending about 5 minutes after. They contain 1034 images shot at 10 second intervals and then coded into a 6 frames per second movie. This makes each hour take 1 minute.
I shot the partial eclipse frames throught a Baader filter and removed it during totality. I did not re-focus for totality, so those frames (and the totality images) are little soft.